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Hey Greg,  I tuned in to one of your live feeds tonight and just wanted to let you and Kai know that I support you both 100%.  (and No, I'm not a 12 year old like everyone  thinks all your 'fans' are, I'm actually YOUR age..and I wouldnt neccesarilly even classify myself as a FAN... I see you as a person, like any other human being (human beings who maybe make mistakes but grow from them) and am entertained by a lot of your content even if I don't always 100 percent AGREE with all of your opinions and ways of going about things, I still support you 100 percent as  A person without agreeing 100 percent with everything you say/do.  (+**I find it important to make this distinction because of all the 'haters' who would probably just say that all your fans are 12 year olds you have brainwashed  and they just follow and agree with everything you say or do and can do no wrong in their eyes.... like, no, we're all human, we can all do wrong and make mistakes, but I dont see that in the big picture your intention is to hurt anyone (and like I say, the big picture-  everyone has moments where they get angry and do things spitefully and go out of their way to be petty.... and its never our finer moments as humans and if everyone was judged on those moments, we'd all be peices of S●●●.  )
Anyway, thats not the point.... 
what i wanted to just say was to remind you that you have alot of people, myself included, who wish you the best, especially Kai in his transition and continuing to discover who he is as a person.  Like, what Kalvin said "if you really are trans..." .... No.  Just...no.  "If he really is trans" is none of anyone elses business BUT Kai's (and maybe yours and your family's - being his family and his support system) -- that is a journey of self discovery for kai to go through on his own and figure out who he is and he should have the support of people around him, WHETHER OR NOT he "really is trans"  is only for him to decide and nobody else to really give their two-cents on at the moment.  Like, if people like kalvin want to have opinions about it thats fine, everyone has the right to an opinion, but KEEP IT TO YOURSELF (unless asked) when that opinion hurts and invalidates another specific person.  Like I dont have a problem really with him talking about 'transtrenders' generally, as a group, but when you single out and attack specific people and call them out and make them feel  like they arent accepted or don't pass or whatever it is that Kai might feel when he's under attack like that, its not really okay.
So.... I noticed there were a lot of haters in the live stream and I didnt want them to drown out the voices of the people who care about you guys and ❤️ and support you both and your channels and wish you both the best.  Ignore the hate, let the love speak louder.  
Hope you and Kai were able to have some good family time (as you left the stream to go be with him)
Take care 
Arianna Santina on youtube/ Anna Santina here. 

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