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Onision is NOT transphobic

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I finally went and watched Kalvins video to try to see what he was even talking about and ... OKAY... yes, i'm not going to lie that there was some stuff  that maybe didn't sound the greatest and hopefully was either taken out of context or just... kind of spoken out of turn. Or maybe old opinions that Greg has had time to think on and re-evaluate and some of it I've noticed that he had already apologized for.  Most of it seemed centered on how he was against body 'mutilation' and 'chopping off body parts'  (and the 'freak' part that was taken out of context.)    I can understand not wanting to encourage people to modify their body and stuff, and even i DO think that, as gender dysphoria IS a mental disorder, that trans people should look into  all other options first,  like trying to work through it in other ways,  therapy, self evaluation and trying to make sure your dysphoria is actually dysphoria and not dysMORPHIA and that if it IS dysmorphia, making sure that its not rooted in trauma (s●●ual abuse, and things of that nature especially have been known to be a potential trigger for gender issues and s●●ual confusion later in life) - just making sure they explore other avenues and only resort to surgeries as a final resort if and when you are sure its the only option that will work for you in making you feel whole.   So really, maybe it wasnt worded the right way, but i think the intention that greg had in speaking about these things  was understandable.    Other comments could mostly be attributed to him being a comedian and other things that he admitted was wrong years ago and had already apologized for.  
I just think its interesting how he can paint this picture and express this holier than thou sense of outrage , making out like Greg has "wronged" the trans community and is this totally transphobic person, by using such limited and S●●●ty 'evidence'   and of course all the people who JUST watch him and maybe already see all these other "Onision Hate Vids"  don't look into it any further , so they will never realize or notice  how Kalvin (garrah) CONVENIENTLY  leaves out entire videos like THIS video literally from almost 2 years ago (so BEFORE Kai even came out as trans, so like , Kalvin  cant use the excuse that oh greg is only okay with it NOW because its his own spouse/ now that it hits close to home/etc)  and many others when he went and decided to make a  whole video trying to paint Greg as this super transphobic person.  
 ( Kalvin, in his video was also trying to show how greg had 'transphobic videos' from "as recently as a year ago"  (i guess trying to show he was abusive to kai because he said something negative about trans people right around the time kai was coming out-- -BUT-- you're kind of missing something there Kalvin, because how can he be emotionally abusive and unsupportive of kai's  transition  when he had Trans-POSITIVE videos from as far back as TWO (2 ) years ago and possibly more, so obviously, if you look back at his opinions over the years, he HASNT had transphobic opinions at all-  and  obviously Kai felt comfortable enough to tell him and work it out with him -- obviously that is always going to be hard and take a lot of communication, and has its difficulties since Greg is straight,  but Greg has been accepting and supportive as he can be and THEY ARE MAKING IT WORK)   
Like, sorry Kalvin, greg has made some insensitive comments in the past (that he apologized for) but his over-all outlook has always been not only accepting, but ALSO trying to promote acceptance in others.  
(Where-as Kalvin's personality and channel often calls people out and seeks to invalidate specific people in the trans community) 

Anyway, I thought i'd post this here and thought it might be fun if we could go through Onisions channel and maybe compile all of the TRANS-POSITIVE videos or statements he's made over the years 
And for contrast, maybe pull up some of the hateful, negative or invalidating things kalvin has said about people.  
I MIGHT do it if i have time but if not, maybe Onision could too if we help compile stuff... eventually someone should make a video montage of all the clips showing how Onision supports the trans commmunity and then maybe juxtapose it with negative S●●● kalvin has said (could make for   an intersting  response video.  like not just defending himself with words,  but letting the 'receipts' speak for themselves) 
@Onision, what do you think?  should we gather you up some ammo for a video?

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