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So a teacher's job is to enlighten the minds of many and give the gift of knowledge to everyone. Right? Or at least that's what I believe. A recent friend of mine who is currently getting ready to graduate for her bachelor's degree recently had an  opportunity. She was  involved a dance program and the teacher decided to give her an honorary solo in the upcoming performance for her if she was interested. My friend accepted and the teacher said to choreograph it herself (my friend), and if she needed any help to let her (the teacher) know. Well now my friend is dwindling down the moves and she's doing good and 4 weeks before she asked the teacher to help her out privately mean while still learning the original dance for the original dance recital. The teacher said "I won't be there next week, but the week after should be fine." Everything sounds really positive doesn't it? here's where I have a dilemma.  The teacher didn't show and my friend now has 1 rehearsal left before the performance and she is scrambling to figure out the moves to this video she picked.  She never found the time to choreograph it so she found a video and chose it. She sent it to the teacher and the teacher said "that's great."But when my friend finally asks for help she isn't there. So that's the mood for now, the performance is less than a week away. What do you think?

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