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Tasch The Milf

A Parody Video About Outrage Culture?

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Would you Onision or Emo Charlie be interested in making a parody video about outrage culture? like a 10 Things I Hate About Outrage Culture video or something like that?  

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    • By MeridonnasBack
      OMG k so deleting and starting over was invented by me..lullz ha ha ha. I wonder if you ever took acting classes 😂. ....mm or naturally talented? We argue every three months.  You keep me busting up laughing. I wish I could start my own channel.. ha ha 😂.  Any advice for me ?  
    • By astrik
      Hello. I have been diagnosed with major depression for a long 4 years now. No medicine or doctor seems to help. Any advice? (here's my face btw since i'm new here) Feel free to rate my appearance as well bc why not.

    • Guest
      By Guest
      (didn't mean to drop this personal big ol message here but had no choice so shorten it too) :
      Moving to Bora Bora Bora ☺️. Won't be in the USA ever again. Please delete my account. Thank you! 
      Lol 😂 original message 😂
      I have been a fan and in so many ways more supportive then most would of been. I was at one point accused of being a catfish. Finally you seen I am a real person and not a fake. It still hasn't stop you from making me feel small, putting me down. Disregarding my attempts to even make friends. I don't... DON'T have to buy my friends and support people who act so insensitive to anyone. I get for some strange reason I have all (comments) highlighted or positive responses. But I don't know if I'll watch much anymore. I asked you on this site "why my Patreon was straight up #cancelled" and you said "Dm me", and that it shows it's not! Yet again it is. I've always been positive no drama, friendly and even cheered you on when asked by most to not even say anything nice. Most of the Trolls hated me because I had been a fan. I don't hate you or even dislike you. I think boundaries should be respected. You and I must of had or signals crossed and me I am actually SHOCKED! But people actually do want to be my friend. Wow imagine that. I won't beg or bother you anymore. I also wanted to add that you told me at one point you appreciated and wanted me on Patreon and we've even had a few agreeable things in common. I was flirting but of course stopped because I've found a beautiful person to dote over. But you never seemed to really mind me flirting. I think recently you've been so busy to where you didn't realize it was me you deleted on patreon or you stopped appreciating your hard core fans. So it's with this regret that I have to admit I don't want to be taking for granted. Please delete my account on this site too. Let's respect each other's boundaries. I let you set them boundaries, although I know you probably didn't mean it still meant something to me. 
      Sincerely, Thanks for helping me laugh thru last years b.s and getting over my past ! Lots of sunshine.. never will forget you for all the good times..
      Your Ex: Fan girl
    • By Tasch The Milf
      What are the reasons you watch Onision?
      I'm a fan of Onision and  watch Onision because he's freakishly handsome, he's honest, he's smart, he's a gentleman who has allot of respect for females, he's kind to children and kind to animals, he's nerdy, he's very funny, he's original, he's talented, he's creative, he's a good speaker, he doesn't take crap from anyone, he's a vegetarian, he makes great techno music, he's very nice, friendly and real (he even talks to none famous people like US) he shares his inside jokes such as his characters that he plays as and much more. Those are the reasons why I'm a fan. What are your reasons?
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