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What Made You Have Chronic Depresion If You Have It?

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Most people I know who have had severe depression. Had it because of things like a certain loved one dying like a spouse or parents during childhood, very horrible illnesses or disabilities like blindness, severe child abuse or r●●●, VERY unstable childhoods like frequent moving during childhood especially,  forced homeschooling and forced isolation during childhood. Pretty much anything to do with very terrible serious things happening, very bad childhoods or at least a very bad past. If you have chronic depression, when did it happen? how old were you and what made it happen? if you mind talking about it. It's ok if you don't want to talk about it.

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I mean I’m p sure it’s mostly my brain chemicals. My best friend dying didn’t help tho. 

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1 hour ago, Onryouji said:

I mean I’m p sure it’s mostly my brain chemicals. My best friend dying didn’t help tho. 

I'm sorry for your loss. 

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      First of all, let's not beat around the metaphorical bush ...wherever it is...? IDK where it's at..? ANYWAYS! I am a Muslim girl, yup, that I am?
      I know... I didn't realise it till someone asked me: "Your Muslim why are you obsessing over Onison?"
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      I was diagnosed with unspecified psychosis when I was 17.  I was hospitalized for 4 months and was on meds for at least 9 months. I stopped taking them after I lost all feeling to anything in life. Like I couldn’t register emotions so I was never happy or sad I was just “meh”😐 ykno? 
      Pretty much depressed for over 2 years and gained so much weight. My parents took me back to Ethiopia 🇪🇹 for a bit and it helped a lot as I got to see my grandma and family so it was nice.🤗
      ive gotten a lot better now, I’m volunteering at a youth club and it helps me a lot when I’m around others sometimes I get too hyped and my family of ppl I know tell me to calm down😤😪 That’s something which upsets me a lot... cos I feel their not acknowledging my progress.
      My question to you reading this is: Do you have mental health?
      If so how do you cope with it?
      And what’s your biggest struggle?
      Thanks for reading and have a nice day❤️🤗
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      Is anyone here diagnosed with borderline personality disorder? I'm just wondering what coping skills work best and CONSISTENTLY for you?
      And how are you managing it?
      Do you take medicine that consistently works or do you have to keep going back and getting it adjusted? 
      How is your quality of life overall? Does that quality stay consistent or change day to day/ month to month?
      Please only comment on this if you are actually  diagnosed, and not just self-diagnosing 🙂 
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