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Animals Neglected and With Medical Conditions

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Okay so I still live with my parents and they currently have 6 pets right now (three cats an three dogs). And it sucks like hell because the biggest reason my parents adopted all these pets is because they find house pets cute and not entirely for the sake of taking the big responsible care for the animal as if they were their own kid. My Siberian husky, was diagnosed with diabetes half a year ago, because of how poorly the 3 dogs are fed. My Rottweiler is extremely overweight and has a licking problem, and a lab-mix my older sister reduced, is always neglected because of just doing normal dog things such as jumping up for a hug, refusing to go outside, or rubbing wet noses on legs or some stuff like that. It is mostly the dogs who are neglected the most, my parents pay the most attention to the three cats and have a healthier lifestyle than the dogs. The dogs are locked up in the small kitchen the house has, to prevent being around the cats. They never go out on walks, never given a lot of comfort or attention they were meant to have, and are not fed properly. My parents decide something that falls on the floor with chocolate in it is perfectly fine, and have argued with me that there is no issue. They have yelled at the dogs that they would throw them out into the street because they do normal dogs things, like bark for attention, or just want comfort.

Earlier this morning, my husky usually knocks down the kitchen gate that secludes them in the living room in the middle of the night, my parents leave him outside in the rain just to not deal with the noise or the pee that he usually leaves in the kitchen due to his diabetes. Usually happens for all the dogs, to afford just regular barking, not even for the sake of letting them do business. Left whimpering outside in the rain and cold until I let him inside. My parents, I feel, have already given up on seeing a far lifespan for this poor husky just because he has diabetes   

I really wish I can do more for these poor dogs but I do not hold complete responsibility for them. I don’t have a job to earn money (which is why I can’t join patreon either, the money I have saved right now is for college tuitions), so I cannot afford to buy healthier things for the poor dogs, I don’t always have time to go out for walks, or take them to the vet to be checked out. All I can really do is keep feeding them when they really need to be, clean up their messes when nobody else does (I’m always made to clean up after everybody else, as if I’m a maid), give my husky his insulin shots, and let my dogs into my bedroom when they’re lonely. I really do wish there was more I can do for them but they are now left anxious around my parents. Kind of how I grew up with my parents too. It hurts me to see my animals keep living in s●●●.

Sorry if this was a lot to read, it’s better to let out my thoughts other than bottle them in. My point is is that I wanna do all the things my parents were never able to and take better care of animals as if they’re my children, not just for a fluffy, cute display around the house. 

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