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What Do You Miss The Most About The Old YouTube?

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What do you miss the most about the old YouTube?  

Google Plus not existing?

Thumbing comments down?

The YouTube friends list for your channel?

Making as many sock accounts as you want with only one email account?

Less rules, less censorship and more free speech?

Being allowed to make another account if it gets censored and banned?

No adverts before trying to watch a video?

No ghost banning or shadow banning?

Onision being as famous as PewDiePie is now and allot happier?

or something else?

I miss EVERYTHING in this list about the old YouTube. YouTube today really angers me!  I loved the way YouTube began.





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I mostly miss the freedom to make what you want without having to censor yourself. 

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I agree with almost everything on this list. I made a lot of bad memories on Google Plus so I definitely don’t miss that. And while it’s a shame the same amount of channel growth hasn’t been able to happen for Onision, I’m happy for PewDiePie. But I completely agree with everything else.

Also, they can now put TWO ADs, IN. A. ROW. before a video. Like, um, excuse me??

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