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Tasch The Milf

What Are Your Night Terrors Like?

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If you have night terrors, what are they like? mine starts with me sleeping and suffocating only breathing with my nose as hard as I could fighting for air and then loud ringing is in my ears getting louder and louder until it turns into very high pitched screaming in a female voice which startles me and hurts my ears. Other times I feel like I'm still awake but I see very horrible looking ghostly faces staring at me from the darkest parts of the bedroom or living room and then I feel like something I can't see is attacking me and throwing me around the room and then I wake up falling off my bed or with my bed a huge mess. Those are what my night terrors are like. I also usually get the suffocation night terrors whenever I sleep with one of my hands or arms on my chest. Blocking my lungs from breathing properly while sleeping. I'm trying to stop doing that.    

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