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We all have it and some times it makes life suck. I’m doing things in my life that are causing it to be extremely high. Any suggestions how to coupe? What works for you? stressed out stress GIF by General Electric

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    • By Fadetoblack
      I'm awake, stupid insomnia.. Any one else??
    • By Calixxia
      Hey there y'all,
      Quick question for you after a brief little intro -- I believe that there are only two biological genders (trans being vague middle ground bc they are transitioning from one to the other) and identify politically as a centrist who leans a little more so to the right (used to be more left when I was younger). I also am a non-denominational Christian who doesn't believe that church is what it used to be so I refuse to go.
      The thing is though, I understand and accept everyone equally. Fully equally. We are all human. I will respect pronouns and not treat anyone differently for their opinions on gender, politics, or religion.  However, I have found more and more people that will lash out at me because of my stances on any of these topics though. 'Don't believe in more than two genders? Are you even educated?' 'How can you lean more right while Trump is in office?' 'How can you claim to be a part of Christianity and not agree with all of the Bible or go to church?' etc. 
      So I guess my question is... 
      Why can't we all just respect each other? Why can't we find something to appreciate about everyone that we meet? Why do we have to be so innately judgemental?
      I guess that's a few questions. Looking for honest, heartfelt opinions though. Would love to hear from you all on this topic.  Or if you just want to leave a comment and tell me a bit about your views on gender, politics, or religion, please feel free. I am very interested in learning other viewpoints and maybe getting to know a few beautiful human beings. 🙂
      Thanks 💛
    • By Chastity
      https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCxB8sawIGUzyGvvA8DAu8yA Please react to me. I pretended to die so I could get my bf to love me more and I made fake bruises to make it look like my ex abused me. It was funny haha. Follow me on insta! @queen_murphy_1995
    • By TwylaJane
      We are taught to be fair and just in school and in life, but is the universe intrinsically unfair? Thoughts?
    • By HaleyIsMe
      This is about my first boyfriend. I've changed his name to protect his identity because, while things went sour, he deserves privacy. I'm calling him 'Carl' just so you know.
      Carl was in my third period class. I was very shy, social anxiety, so I didn't speak to anyone except the teacher or groupmates for a project assignment. Carl was also shy. He asked his friend in that same class to ask me for my phone number and if I would go on a date with him. I thought, "I'm 18. This shouldn't be too hard. I need to get out more anyway. This could be fun. My first date." No one had ever asked me out before. I told his friend yes and wrote down my phone number. Carl texted me immediately. the rule in my house is that my parents have to meet any boyfriend/girlfriend we, me and my siblings, start dating. By this I mean that they meet them the day of the first date. my parents are protective so they want to know about the person taking me or my siblings out. I texted him this and he was fine with it. I thought this was going so well. I told my best friend during lunch and she was so excited for me. Carl texted me during lunch and asked me to be his girlfriend. I had zero experience with how these things worked so I agreed. He immediately texted me and told me he loved me. I got scared and asked my best friend for advice and she said that maybe he was just happy I agreed and said it like that and not really like he loved me. I thought this sounded reasonable until he kept doing it. I asked him to stop because it scared me. he didn't. My older sister asked him to stop. he still didn't. So I told my parents. They didn't do much, because what could they do? He was 16, a sophomore. I was 18, a senior. So my mom asked him to stop. he still continued to say he loved me. so I broke up with him at lunch the next day. He stormed off. wouldn't speak to me (not that I was too keen on that either). That night he called me and yelled at me. he said that he thought I was different than other girls. He told me I was just like all the other bitches at that school. This made me so angry! I told him to delete my number or i'd block him. he started pleading with me to not do that or to not make him delete my number. I'm stubborn so I kept pushing him to delete it. he did and that was the first time he respected my wishes.
      As I got older I had an epiphany. Carl didn't love me, I already knew that, what he loved was the idea of me. I was quiet and shy and maybe he took that as sweet and loving. I think it must have just been immaturity on both of our parts. I hope Carl finds love. I think he needed it and maybe that's why he wouldn't stop telling me he loved me. I don't think Carl is a bad guy. I think he was a kid with a big heart and a very stubborn disposition. I couldn't understand him. he couldn't understand me either. 
      So, has anyone else had this happen or a similar experience?
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