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Ivy Walker

Whats the worst movie?

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On 1/29/2019 at 9:51 PM, alexsis.dimarzio@yahoo.com said:

This one movie called Unfriended, they said that it was scary and it was so lame just kids talking online. 

It was so bad it was gr8 in my opinion, but yeah Unfriended was aaaaawful. Friggin Leaky Laura lmaoooo 

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    • By FelixHelix
      For the longest time, I followed a lot of the trend of S#!tting on Greg. I looked at him critically at every single turn, but there was always a bigger part of me that related to his struggles to grow as a person under such an intense spotlight.
      Though I feel I am more similar to Kai, I can understand the emotional rollercoaster it must be to exist as the entity "Onision" rather than completely and fully as himself.
      His mistakes are documented and thrown in his face in ways that would put any regular person in a mental hospital, and he and his family face constant, unending threats to their wellbeing as a family.
      Kai, Greg, and their children are human beings. Whenever I see a new post on Kai's channel, the comments not only continually misgender him, but attack him and Greg on their looks, their identities as a whole, even their KIDS.
      I live nearby Greg and Kai, and for the longest time have wanted to forge a friendship, but my weird cult-like "hate" for Greg and his decisions made me feel like they could never take me seriously as someone who wants to get to know them as people, far removed from the internet presence they have. I don't want to be featured in a video, I don't want to "expose" anyone. I do, however, want to say I'm sorry for past contributions to the bullsh!t.
      I'm MORE than over the internet's incessant need to demonize and control people. I just wanna... idk, go to Southcenter and have some lunch sometime. I can also cut hair, so if you need help with that I am happy to do it. I also adore kids, and would love to babysit. You both have needed a break from having to fight all day every day. I want to help. I want to be a friend.
      I have no idea whether or not this will be seen, I don't know what will come of it, but I hope it at least helps you both know that you are not monsters. Feel free to message me anytime.
      With care,
    • By LizardQueen
      Mine is the a Star is born 2018 soundtrack. Listened to it countless times. Love it to death!
      what about you guys?

    • By LizardQueen
      SO MUCH HYPE 💕!!!!  I’m so excited! Pardon my fangirlness... I’m gonna see this again XD 

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