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I have no clue if Onision and PewDiePie are cool with each other, (and I'm totally sorry if they arent!) but I really do hope PewDiePie reaches 100 million subscribers before Tseries.

YouTube is meant to be a place where people can be creative and express themselves, an outlet. I dont like the thought of corporations taking over YouTube, it will run the individual content creators out and small YouTubers or people starting out won't even have a chance to be seen, and will become discouraged to create content. PewDiePie NEEDS to beat Tseries!

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Corporation: Made up of a bunch of regular people.

PewDiePie: One guy.


Sounds like voting for one king over the entire kingdom.

Make one guy even more rich while the thousands that make up most companies continue to make almost nothing...

It's just... confusing, the logic.


Let me put it to you this way, PewDiePie, part of the 1% multimillionaire elites.

The corporation, made up of people like you and me.



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6 minutes ago, Kenris Masters said:

Yeah but Felix has that super cute accent and that disney-safe content.

Disney-safe? Did he finally stop cussing and go back to making quality content that's worth watching? o_o

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