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Your best "I quit" stories.

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Ever quit your job in a really cool way? Give me your best, most petty, hilarious quitting stories! Okay go! 

When I left my last job I was way too scared to have that huge "I quit" moment, so let me live vicariously through you! 

BUT for a week before I gave my 2 weeks when I knew I had another job locked down, I would go into my shitty job with the biggest smuggest smile on my face 😎

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I guess one of the most rememberable ways I quit was this...

So I was working in a care home 44 bedrooms and only 9 members of caring staff. Being the new person I was running and rushing around like a fly on fire. I answered nearly all the calls (Mainly 'Can you help me use the bathroom?') and it was awful I was treated badly and I disliked how they treated the residents there. 

Anyway - so I decided enough was enough I finally got my mother's approval to quit (After an hour of begging and crying because it was honestly that bad)  

So I should have gone in handed in my notice and worked my last week. Instead. 

I picked up my phone and text my boss. "Hey I'm sorry I wasted your time but I don't think I can hold down this position any longer I'm sorry I failed you" 

A few moments later I get a reply that slightly hurt me. Her words.

"Hey, no problem - You made the right decision..." 

Honestly - No words of encouragement. No words of "I'm sorry you feel like this - is there another way we can help you and improve your time with us?" Just straight up.

'We basically didn't like you so, Bye Felicia' 

Not funny, funny but unusual. 



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