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Places you've traveled to!

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Let's talk about the places we've been and things we've done there! 

To make listing States easier -  I've uploaded two maps, one that you can mark up and one that I've already marked.

So, other than the states I marked - I've been to Cozumel, Mexico and to 2 islands in the Bahamas (Half Moon Cay, Nassau) . 

Out of all of the states I've been I would definitely say Florida was my favorite because there's so much to do, beaches, clear water. Universal Studios was probably my favorite out of the few times I've been to Florida. I was selected to be in this video short for a ride/interactive exhibit called "Motha Nature", I got to be an evil scientist and have rocks fall on my head for part of it. But outside of that, It was really cool to see some behind the scenes stuff they did for stunts other people did. An older woman was selected to be the lil old lady in distress. She got to fall on a green foam with the green screen backdrop, when it was edited during the rest of our exhibit - it was edited to make her look like she was vaporized by lasers. The other cool part I loved was when we were all filming the subway scene, the entire group of like 30 people got on this fake subway. We were instructed to all scream and told us nothing else - just to make it believable.

So we start screaming, but the car we were in starts to rumble and shake pretty fast, next thing I know sparks come out of the ceiling and the whole thing drops and a semi-truck comes out from the top and it stops just before the side of the car. So now people are actually screaming and then everything stops, semi going back into the ceiling and they come in and tell us we did amazing. 

I was dying laughing at that point. I really recommend you guys go to the Universal parks though if you're going to Florida, you'll have the time of your life. 

Favorite Country: Mexico

I went there and got to participate in an "Amazing Race" type game where we had to find clues around the city to advance to each post. One post required scuba diving to view one of the underwater clues, it was crazy! but my boyfriend at the time and I won 3rd place. 😄 I got a free meal out of the prize too from a local restaurant and it was literally the best food I'd ever had. I really want to go back but explore more than what I previously got to see. I absolutely loved it though!!


Alright, enough of what I have to talk about, let's hear your travel stories!

places I'vebeen.png


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I was born in Washington state, visited my sister there two years ago, I live in North Dakota, I've been to South Dakota, I've lived in Pennsylvania, and I lived in Germany for a bit as a child when my dad was in the army. 

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Born in Memphis, TN

Raised in New England

Lived Abroad for 1.5 years in Europe from 16 to 19 (Mostly in Germany)

Stayed in Philippines for 2 Months for work, Manila mostly, but I got to travel to Tagaytay to see the Taal Volcano, which was cool.

Everywhere else was leisure and vacation, except NYC, Denver, and San Francisco, those were all for work.






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I was born in Augsburg German lived also there 2 times after that. Karlsule and Crailsheim Germany.

Fort Lewis , Washington 2 times ( it's hooked to Mccord Air Force Base)

Michigan, near Mt. Clemens

Cleveland, Ohio ( my grandma's house)

The Bronx NY


Fort Sam Houston,Texas

Corvallis, Oregon

Rialto, Fontana,San Bernardino, Bloomington , California

Now Hesperia CA which is in the Mojave desert.

My dad was in the US Army .

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went on a Holland American Caribbean cruise.

been to Saint Lucia,Barbados,turks and Caicos, the Bahamas, some more islands in the Caribbean but I ate a picnic lunch on the Same beach tiger woods got married on XD 

Ohio, Wisconsin,Florida,Louisiana,Canada But my Mom was pregnant with me XD, 

i wanna do some more traveling again soon.

we have stayed in Chicago and visited Chicago many times 

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Almost forgot XD
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Dominican Republic


Costa Rica


El Salvador



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