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Emy Bazinga

Some Questions for You

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So the images attached are of my original topic posted, since they are very important questions to me. However, I did want to include a few more questions that are of other topics.

1. What is your current point of view on the YouTube "scandal" regarding YouTube's algorithms making a "wormhole" for child predators to view underage children?

(I first learned of this issue at about this time yesterday watching another YouTuber called Mista GG, as he posted a video on his channel Mista G Dubs regarding the topic of the YouTuber who first raised his concerns regarding this. I agree highly with Mista GG's outlook on the situation, and am concerned for both YouTube and those who are creators on the platform as I saw this same topic brought up on a news station and was highly sensationalized.)

2. What is your opinion regarding the not so recent news of Chris Hansen being arrested for bouncing checks?

(These checks were for items that were supposed to be Kickstarter benefits - of which there were many complaints of his supporters not receiving as promised.)

Thank you again, and I hope you have a lovely day!

-Emy B.



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