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Dark Realities RP Forum

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My friend and I created a Roleplay forum called "Dark Realities" 

Anyone can sign up and join, all you have to do is sign up, (Free to do) Check the email and verify yourself and you're in! Make a character, place a claim on any celebrity you want and you can join in! 


"It is estimated that 8 million people each year go missing. As children, we're told many tales of monsters to make us behave, but when we grow up, we find out those same monsters are walking around in human skin and about the evil deeds that many are capable of. Today the world around us is based on Science fact, rather than science fiction, but are those monster tales we were told as children really fake? Is there more to this world than we can see? Perhaps dark realities actually exist, but those that find out for sure can never leave."

Admins :Victory Von Wolfe (Me)  and Jason Knight

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