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Who is your favorite YouTuber?

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Emilia Fart!!!! She’s wonderful, and is such an inspiration during this very strange and pivotal point in my life. 



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Aside from the obvious 😉 I love Rachel & Jun.

They're an American-Japanese married couple (with beautiful cats) who make videos about life in Japan and cultural differences.

What's refreshing is that they speak about everyday life and don't focus on anime and other pop culture too much, because Rachel didn't move to Japan to live out her weeaboo dreams (no offense to anime fans), but because of her military career.

They're very sweet and likable and Jun has his own cooking channel that makes his homemade dishes look like fine dining.

The videos are very aesthetically pleasing, too.

More under the spoiler: 

  • Japanese Memes
  • How Japanese kitchens are different
  • Japanese Internet Slang
  • making homemade cosmetics for Rachel
  • some cooking videos

Hope you all enjoy!











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Pretty sure no one knows who this is but I'm pretty obsessed with ChimChim Trash😂😬 and I'm too lazy to look for a picture

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On 2/1/2019 at 12:21 PM, Anna said:

Post a picture of your favorite YouTuber and say why they're your favorite. 

Greg/Onision is my favorite because he's really real and really funny.


Hey since there was already a favorite YouTuber topic, I merged it with Greg's topic that already existed ^-^

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My favorite YouTuber rn is Call Me Kevin. I love almost all of his videos, but I guess a good suggestion is his Sims series with Jim Pickens and his GTA V series.

His edits are pretty good for gaming, he focuses on editing the highlights of his footage. He's honestly a troll in the best way 

He's been having a situation recently where every Sims 4 video he makes, they have to patch the game so people can't replicate it.

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