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How do you feel about offensive jokes?

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2 hours ago, jellyjam said:

i think people should be allowed to make those jokes because of free speech and all that jazz, but they should also understand that people can and will be offended by them. there's a time and place for everything, so as long as those jokes aren't made in the wrong place/time then there should be no problems. 

that's hard to accept in this society though, since everyone seems to be so sensitive that they can't take jokes about themselves. they get irrationally angry or upset over something as innocent as a small jeer. humor is becoming more and more of a touchy topic, but i hope people who aren't afraid to make offensive jokes never stop. they sure do help spice up our lives lol.

It is selective. Humans decide what jokes to take often based on the person who says it.

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Posted (edited)

Now a days allot of the easily offended are very entitled and want to play God or at least monarch. They want to make laws against anyone who offends them. This now happens in Canada and Europe all the time! thank God for America or free speech would be long dead!  

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