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Sloppy Mommy

Poop Pie.

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 This has nothing to do with poop pie, I just wanted your attention! Now that I have it, why don't we talk about poop in an honest and open way I get the whole "because we're a civilized society" comment or something similar, and i understand how this could make someone uncomfortable, but it's just as much a bodily function of the body, as much as anything else is. Why is it so forbidden? 

How many times do you poop a day?

Do you see what color it is when you're done? 

Is it sticky, or pebble like? 


corn biscuits GIF by Kacey Musgraves

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I'll say this... I haven't eaten meat since I was 12 and uhhhh meat eater's poop STINKS. Really glad I made the switch in that regard lmao. 

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