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Hey Guys!  I finally started my channel!  Its probably horrible right now lol, but I'm working on it!  I'm going to be posting lots of different kinds of content with just all sorts of stuff I'm interested in...
Right now I just have a makeup video and a VLOG about my service dog (from last year) , and a cooking 'tutorial' for how to make my fresh garden salsa.... 
but I will probably have lots of stuff coming in the future like
-more service dog vlogs and info, dog and pet stuff not neccesarily related to my service dog (I have a cat and 2 goats as well, so they might get jealous and want to be on film too 😉
-DEFINITELY a lot of cooking videos (i have 2 that I filmed so far that I need to get around for editting- 1 showing how to make homemade pad thai (vegetarian w/ tofu)  and one on making a crockpot lamb roast dinner
-  Lots of stuff about my garden I'm sure in the summertime
-Maybe some craft stuff like painting, crochet, knitting, etc.... random hobbies I enjoy...
Not sure yet where this will go but I'm excited.... I got a new computer that finally is fast enough to run my video editor without freezing all the t ime so i'm just practicing edits and stuff so.... not expecting to be awesome right off the bat but hopefully will get better in time!  
Hope some of you check me out and if anyone else has channels they want to share, maybe you can post them here!  


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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, Onryouji said:

We subscribed! 

AWWWW, thank you so much! you and @Sloppy Mommy  both! Hope I end up entertaining you at some level.  And promise to try to get better and more comfortable on camera.  Its kind of a challenge to myself with 'public speaking' too 'cause i'm not good at it.  I was a lot more comfortable in the cooking video I filmed though I think 'cause at least thats something that I enjoy and find comfortable doing.  I don't do makeup a lot -- just mostly do my eyebrows b/c i dont have any - but I need to wear it sometimes for professional looks when i'm doing photoshoots (i do real estate photography and need to be dressed professionally and not look like a slob when going into peoples houses lol ) so i've been trying to practice with that too .  i find it fun to do but i'm not super comfortable with it.  Cooking is my thing though and i always wanted my own cooking show so.... making my own now lol.  Will probaly post my pad thai video next but that one is long since im cooking a whole meal and might take a little bit to edit.   so many vid. files

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