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5 Hottest Women on Earth

I wanted to make this post, because it matters to me... lol. No but really, who are the hottest women on Earth? Let's gooo!


Oh, you thought I'd use one of those really sexy photos of her to show her off? No! This is how I was first introduced to Tifa, way back when I was a boy. I played the Character Cloud Strife and I always aimed to "date" her in the video game instead of the others.

Tifa is a strong woman who punches better than anyone. She can hold her own in a battle with a monster, yet still manages to be beautiful & alluring.

#2 CLAIRE DUNPHY (aka Julie Bowen)

I know right!? It's an actual real, breathing person and not just a fictional character. No but this woman, as Claire Dunphy is beautiful in and out. She has an amazing personality, is hilarious (impossibly so) and is generally the best mom. Basically, she's the coolest ever, and only came second to Tifa because Tifa is the best, how dare.


Ok this time we have a more recent photo of her. I like her third most because she has a kind heart, she has a major "feel for everyone" tendency which is endearing. She likes to tease Cloud, the main character of FFVII a lot, which is kind of cool, but definitely isn't #1 personality material. Overall, though, she's a wonderful person and quite a girly lady, which is, I guess cool if you like the extreme feminine vibe. I mean, she sells flowers. Enough said.

#4 YELENA BELOVA (aka Florence Pugh)

It's at this point you might realize; I have a type. I like women who are really strong in their bodies, personalities, minds or hearts. Basically, people that feel a lot, have great strength of character and are generally mean well. The way Florence Pugh moves her face, the way she speaks and looks at people, it's incredible. I thought Scarlett Johansson would make this list, but Florence Pugh is just more of "my type" than Scarlett considering Florence has serious swagger.

#5 ATHENA GRANT (aka Angela Bassett)

That's right, another strong woman makes the list! This is for the character, Athena Grant. The woman is highly realistic, incredibly strong and stunningly beautiful. You kind of have to see how she moves her face, how she looks at people and generally how she moves to really understand how stunning her personality is and how awesome she is in general.

Anyway! Long story short, they're all awesome... but who do you think is the hottest?

Who is the hottest?

  • Tifa

  • Aerith

  • Claire

  • Yelena

You can vote for more than one answer.

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Unknown member
Aug 30, 2023

I don’t know who to choose, it is hard for me to decide upon any female with my queer ass.


Unknown member
Dec 14, 2022



Unknown member
Jun 25, 2022

just some random pics for you xx


Unknown member
Jun 25, 2022

Wholeheartedly agree with Florence Pugh!


Unknown member
Jun 25, 2022

Awh yeah. SAME. Florence is british. I was so impressed with her motivation to just being Yelena. Her Russian (top notch, the movie had some issues, not Florence.

My grief with hollywood. Sheesh. 🙄Please stop saying "Ivan", "eye-von". It's "ee-vahn". & It's like the name John. It's extremely common.). Not only her speaking, but her mannerisms were extremely russian. She pulled off this role, and it was so refreshing to see. I think she's a beauty, and I feel like she puts in a lot of dedication. ✨️💕


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