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A Warning

I was listening to an audiobook by Kevin Hart and his relationship situation reminded me A LITTLE of what I went through over a decade ago. The difference? Kevin Hart wound up marrying the person who was clearly horrible to him, and Kevin Hart was a huge part of the problem.

With Kevin Hart's situation, the cops actually hauled him away, with mine? The cops hauled the other person away, and suggested I get to safety before that person was released.

See Kevin Hart thought that if a woman attacked you, you could fight back. No. You can't. Fact of the matter is, when someone wrapped their arms around me, knocking the phone out of my hand so I couldn't call the police, I didn't fight. When she demanded I hit her, I still refused, and instead, just started nervously giggling till she released me. I know, awkward, but whatever... better than being a psycho.

When she finally released me? I picked up my phone and called the cops. The cops hauled her away shortly after.

With Kevin Hart's story, there is however this similarity: Both of us, back in the day, didn't realize that people should be treating us better. That if we were in a different relationship, we could see how normal/functional life could be, while also having the good parts of a relationship too.

So this video, is for all the people who are still in crazy relationships:

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