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Ghost Town Destiny

Because I stopped posting to social media, sites like this one and my OnlyFans will also fade off to sleep for some time.

Quitting social media means no more promoting your other projects...

So when the Discord fades away to complete silence for weeks at a time, and this forum starts to say "Last post 5 days ago" "5 weeks ago" and so on - Know that it's because I left social media and stopped promoting this site (that's how marketing works... like, no one talks about "Wag The Dog" anymore because they stopped promoting it (what is "Wag The Dog?" Exactly.))

On Rick & Morty they said "No one quits Twitter" --- Welllllll... heheh. It's because Twitter is a great source of attention for people who want attention.

I however... no... I'm feeling more done with "attention" than I've ever been in my life as far as social media goes.

I don't want to post to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or otherwise because it's just so ruined to me... people don't live in reality on those sites, they just see and hear what people tell them to see and hear --- they think what people tell them to think --- it's fuggin bonkers bro --- people in real life, talk to me like people --- on social media --- people talk to each other like there is camera in front of them and they're part of the NWO about to gang beat some other wrestler (--- you didn't get the ref, that's ok ---) and I want to be unplugged from the Matrix for good this time (if you're a dinosaur you get this reference too).

Long story short, this site is probably fucked.

I plan to finish my book, and add other projects to this site... but the only way you'll know about them is if you check up on them, or someone shares the update with ya.

Just saying, expect the comatose status to come, for this site, Discord and... OnlyFans...

Still posting, just not promoting... and that means = no traffic... lol.

Oh well.

New book chapters coming for Immortals & Elites... everyone else can check it out when it's released in full. Basically this site is a hobby now. Which makes it more fun/real, really. Hope you enjoy the updates, you're part of a shrinking group now... cooooool.

The actual site death will be whenever funding runs out. We're good till the beginning of 2024 so far. Again, coooool.

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