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Just Wanted To Say This...

I was wondering what I should talk about today and I kinda just wanted to express what's on my mind... right now... because I read a few comments and was like "Man, do they ever get it right?" ...heheh.

Anyway, how are you today? Hope you're having a lovely day... that means you're living your life right and it's inspiring to see.

Kinda funny right? A lot of us are upset all the time... mad at people, sometimes people are angry at themselves. People don't like how others look or act, how they themselves look or act... everyone is so hard on each other and/or hard on themselves... yet there's you... being a functional, awesome person... you're inspiring if you're having a lovely day (assuming your idea of a lovely day is healthy/positive and not swimming in the tears of your enemies because my god, therapy now).

What is the last good day you can remember? I think... I donno... today was ok.

That GIF is ridiculous.

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