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For some time, I have wondered if I am a highly capable writer, or if I am a silly fool aspiring for the impossible. Through high school I was deemed a superior writer. Without request I was recommended to advanced placement solely in the field of English Literature by my teacher, who at the time prided himself on the fact that he looked like the now deceased Joseph Stalin. I suppose he did, I mean, how could I not feel he looked like that once fierce man? My teacher had a picture on his wall next to his desk of Joseph Stalin, big bushy mustache, and all. My teacher would stand to the side and say “See Gregory? I look just like him!” and I have to say, he could have been the man’s grandson for sure.

My previous books are infamous. There is no question or doubt that is exactly what they are. Infamy means to be well known in a bad way. But what is the bad way I am known? Well, I am undeniably one of the most hated men on the English-speaking side of the internet. One could argue that I am in fact the most hated man on the internet. Why? Well, it comes down to math, or more specifically, percentages.

There are men out there who are utterly despised, famous actors, popular YouTubers, or other celebrity social influencers; I am none of those things right now. I am not a famous actor, I am not popular, so I could not be a popular YouTuber and I am not a celebrity social influencer as my social influence is pretty much nonexistent despite me having millions of subscribers and followers across all platforms. So, what makes me the most hated if I am seemingly a monumental has been or even better, a never-was? If there are famous actors who are hated, popular YouTubers that are hated, or other celebrity social influencers that are hated, how could I compete with the level of attention and hate they get?

Let us use “Timmy Jones” as an example. Timmy Jones is a made-up person, not real, just simply exists for me to use as a fabrication instead of a real person so I can never get sued or anything for this possibly alleged alias and other aliases I plan to use throughout this book.

Timmy Jones is a very popular YouTuber, mostly known for his works in the Mega Fighters United organization, which is not a real thing as of June 28th, 2022, I hope, because of course I would not want a company to sue me for using their name either *laughs*.

Alright, so Timmy Jones was accused of murdering his own dog. Insane right? Accused means he must be guilty right? Well, no, not at all, want to know why? Because you, everyone reading this, is a… car thief.

That is right, by reading this, you are now all accused car thieves. See how easy that was? Accusations are often nonsense when they lack proof. Unless you disagree… but why would I care if you disagree? You are a filthy car thief after all. *laughs*

Back to Timmy Jones and the prior implication of pending fractions: He is an accused dog murderer. Timmy Jones has 5 million subscribers on YouTube and has won multiple MFU championships (Mega Fighters United, stay with me). He has an overwhelming fan base, and yet, he is an accused dog murderer. The accusations against him are just a little more legitimate than the ones now against all of you, being car thieves. As a result, about 3 out of every 10 people who are asked if they hate Timmy Jones, do in fact say “Yes” That is slightly more people than the average celebrity.

Now if you ask 10 people who know of “Onision” if they hate “Onision” guess what happens? That’s right. You will get the same numbers as people who are educated on Jeffrey Dahmer, Adolf Hitler & Lassie. Yes, everyone hates the dog Lassie, just ask them *laughs*.

You might ask “Well, you could say the same about an unpopular person at a normal boring job so how are you even worth my attention?” Well first off, I’m probably not worth your attention, few people are, but secondly, I have seen many articles and pages on numerous websites listing me as more hated than some of the most famous celebrities online. Crazy right? I mean, who am I? Apparently, I am allegedly the most nobody somebody ever. I am accused of being a master genius who is so stupid he cannot do anything right. I am supposedly a calculated expert in the field of law who is also the most incompetent and uneducated crook to breathe air. I am the light, I am the dark, I am water and fire… I know, I have trouble keeping up with what people think of me as well. It rarely adds up which is why I wonder how most people are not stumped thinking: Who is this guy, really?

The point in saying all of this is simple: Rarely do human beings find themselves being open to liking songs, books, videos, or other creations that are produced by a person they hate. For instance, if the 45th president of the United States (you know, the orange haired one) released another book, would you review it well? You probably wouldn’t read it, because you might just be a normal rational person, but for those who feel their opinion needs to be known, especially if it is a hateful one, they would not only read the highlights on it, or watch a like-minded person rip it apart in a YouTube video, but they would also (despite never giving the literature a decent objective chance by reading it in full themselves with an open mind), leave an awful review, dehumanizing the 45th president while proclaiming themselves superior. How delightfully toxic right? Well, some people like to live that way, and that is their problem.

By the way, I am not supporting or not supporting the 45th president. Personally, I do not even care to talk about him in depth just yet, if ever. I was using him as a perfect example, as we all have strong feelings one way or the other.

Long story short, my prior books did not have a snowman’s chance in the devil’s bed… although that might make for a great adult film. Steamy.

The question becomes, “Why write a book about your life if everyone hates you and you’ll inevitably get horrible reviews no matter how good or terrible the book is?” And the answer is: Because we are who we are. Birds fly, fish swim and I make music, create funny videos, do some adult modeling on the side and oh yes, I write books.

So, what is this book really going to cover? Well, I have been threatened to be sued into absolute silence by people who allegedly have nothing to hide so there are some things I should not talk about. Weird right? It is always funny when the proposed heroes are terrified of the truth. Like if someone is not being honest, don’t you want them to talk? That way their story will fall apart? That is kind of how the truth works. If you are honest, the foundation will often weather any storm or cross examination. You know who wants people to be silent? The mob. “What ever happened to that key witness by the way?”

I guess no, this will not be a “Tell All” book in the sense that I am not going to rehash the insanity I have had to endure at the hands of mind-numbingly evil sons of guns *laughs*. I booted them from my life, they could not handle it and unleashed their scorn. You should really Google the definition of scorn by the way, it is eye-opening.

It is also not that I am afraid I would lose a lawsuit if I dissected the past involving the unmentionables. I would most certainly at least break even; What I am concerned with is the time and money it takes for a person to have to prosecute or defend themselves in court. The mental anguish, the emotional strain, the financial depletion, it is like you are begging for you own hell to be relived, why would you want that?

People love saying “Get a lawyer” until it is them sitting in a legal office hearing that the retainer is going to be more than four figures. You think “I worked hard for this money, hell no am I going to risk gambling it away!” And for what? All so people can say you winning in court “proves nothing”. I saw what you guys have done to other folks who were deemed decent people in court, no way am I interested in sacrificing that much just to fall right back in the same circle of faulty and delusional commentary.

They tell you when you are young, over, and over: “The world isn’t fair.” And so, I ask, why the hell, if you were warned over and over as a child, do you now expect the world to be fair? Sometimes you just must cut your losses and dig deep inside yourself so you can find a way to push on despite what you know others have done to rob you of something even as basic as your freedom of speech.

Despite the above, I will divulge this: I was threatened with a lawsuit right after I announced I was working on my previous book, a book that coincidentally was never released. The two parties threatening to sue me, one of whom I had never met or spoken to in my life (aka a stranger), demanded I pay them a combined $400,000, a figure I simply did not have, nor would I be willing to pay if I were so lucky to have had it. Once I proved my financial situation to the two suits on the phone and established that another lawyer had informed me that what they were trying to do to me was essentially an attempt to con me, they hung up on me and I never heard from them again.

I suppose I could have done what many had done before: I was promised they would stop harassing me if I paid. The harassment they subjected me to? A full-blown smear campaign conducted via repeat live streams, phone calls, interviews, Tweets, “expose” videos & even a full-blown documentary, still running to this day in the “true crime” section of a major TV network. Ironically, it reflects neither the truth, nor crime. How do I know this? Firstly, I lived it, secondly, I have already been vindicated by the police and lawyers. One officer stated that the case against me was not even worth writing a police report about, but they wrote the report anyway due to the “notoriety”. Translation: “Stop harassing the police department guys, we reviewed it, it’s bull, now go away.”

What was I accused of that made this entire crapshoot explode? I was blackmailed into sleeping with an adult who I had sheltered for a few months about a year prior due to them saying they were being beaten. Sounds bad right? What kind of awful monster would blackmail someone into sleeping with them? Well, I was the person blackmailed, and yeah, it's pretty horrible to blackmail someone, in hindsight, I don't know why I gave in and let them blackmail me. To this day, no one cares that the person not only admitted to blackmailing me live, publicly, repeatedly, but laughed about my pain and what she had done, all the while sharing their donation links to the public where she profited enormously. But what was the way this was spun to the public? This clear violation of basic human rights to not be threatened into sleeping with someone. They turned it to pose me, someone blackmailed into sex, as some horrifying predator, and oh boy did their follower counts and bank accounts profit as a result. So much so they even bragged about it in the TV show dedicated to destroying my life. Just, astonishing. Sometimes I have to ask myself, "Is this real life? Is this really how the world works? When will I wake up and laugh about how insane this dream is?"

The lesson: If someone implies if you do not sleep with them that they’ll destroy your life (much like another person had also threatened me in the past before the police hauled them away) know that it’s already over. If someone is at the point of demanding, you have sex with them in exchange for them not lying to the public about you? Well, they are the type of person who would do that, so what kind of idiot would take their word for it? This kind of idiot, me. The smear campaign was everything they could do to make as much money as possible while destroying my ability to make any money at all, that was the goal, and that is pretty much what they got. Or as one literally bragged to me on the phone after the campaign had peaked “I literally have enough money for a down payment on a house.” Which is roughly 10% of $400,000 (generously) translating to $40,000 profit, much, from the smear campaign.

Now as far as the suits on the phone, pressing down on my neck, go? I am sure others had been promised to be left alone by legal types trying to extort them as well, but I? No, I was not playing that game. I wouldn’t be bullied into doing something I didn’t want to again.

Here is the logic my friends: Let us say you are a car thief, and I say I will not take you to court for stealing my car if you pay me, we will say, 100x the value of that car. A notion just as ridiculous as the one I faced, only unlike you, I did not actually do the deed. But let us say you think they will stop harassing you if you do in fact pay them, so you do. Guess what? That will inevitably make it to the media if you are a person of interest and the headline will read “Criminal car thief settles out of court with victims.” And guess what? It does not matter that they signed an agreement stating once they took the money, they would really stay silent about the arrangement, because you have no proof that it was specifically them that leaked the information. You cannot sue the media most times because they just fall on “Freedom of the press” no matter how slanderous their claims were. Additionally, what if the documents were on some platform, publicly? Now it looks like you paid hush money on top of being accused, which to the clearly not very intelligent and barely informed public, is as good as getting caught red handed.

Remember, the world is not fair, and money will often not make your problems go away.

So no, someone attempted to extort me for a second time through a couple of suits, and this time? Well, fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice? I am just a steaming pile of idiot.

Someone once looked at me with tears in her eyes and she said, “I’m going to destroy you, and when I’m done, there will be nothing left”, a closely accurate quote wouldn’t you say? Well, that same person is a hero in the public’s eyes this day, and my career? It is most certainly destroyed. Life is funny, so you got to laugh.

Think about it, one person swore to destroy my life, and the other stated she could destroy my life if she wanted to and implied, she would not destroy my life if she got what she wanted. Follow that with sex, and her signing the agreement, you have concluded extortion, myself being the obvious victim and trusting idiot. Combine the two, you are talking about a person who was just dumped by me, and another who wanted to be with me. Both, clearly, so desperate to be with me, they would be willing to resort to: “If I can’t have you, no one can”

Talk about the most incredible cliché you have ever heard. Welcome to my life.

Ironically? The person who threatened to destroy my life and leave nothing left when they were done? I was stupid enough to get back with her when she stated she was pregnant with my baby. Turns out? Nope, she was not. But she did get pregnant, yes, while dating me again, only it was with another man’s baby. It is ok, go ahead, laugh. I would if I were you. I truly am a certified moron.

In this book I will be avoiding discussing most my relationships with people who hate me beyond what I have already explained. Why? Have you not been paying attention? They want my blood friend, they want to drain me of all my life, till I am dead. Speaking even aliases would drive them crazy and make them demand I give up the $1,734 (guess) in my bank account, my heart, my mind, my soul, and they would use my skin to make their next purses *laughs* Come on, it is kind of funny how intense the hate is for me, it is unlike anything I have ever felt myself. Not just by people I have kicked from my life, but total strangers hate me more than the devil himself… I just cannot imagine wishing that much evil toward someone I do not even know.

Regardless, I wish all those people well, and you too, car thief. Because guess what? Wishing anything else on you does absolutely nothing for me.

I do not feel good when I see you suffer. I do not like to see you cry or feel any unpleasant emotion. I would love to see you happy, and doing well, as always, because the world needs more good things, especially pleasant feelings, and a whole lot less of the bad stuff like bitter spite.

In the following chapters? Well, let us start from the beginning, and work our way to my delightfully old age of whatever the hell I am now. Call it a tale, a cautionary tale of how to never become like me, a ridiculous and complicated goof.

Enjoy my friends.

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6 komentářů

Neznámý člen
31. 12. 2022

:) reading this while I'm at work; cool stuff. It's awesome that you enjoy writing! I hope you write even more books in the future ^.^

To se mi líbí

Neznámý člen
03. 9. 2022

Don't mind me im just gonna read as much as I can tonight 🙂

To se mi líbí

Neznámý člen
29. 6. 2022

I don't blame you for leaving out what you went through in this new book. You've already explained it over and over. There's no reason in having to keep reliving it. Anyway that really was a long introduction haha, but it was definitely worth the read and everything else will be too. I'm looking forward to it :)

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Neznámý člen
29. 6. 2022

Whether you realize it or not, some of the best artistic works were done by people who considered themselves or others considered a " ridiculous and complicated goof." Thought of as mad, or loners, or separate from "normal' society. You're best work is ahead of you once you focus on your strengths and dig deeper into your "Creative" side. You have everything it takes to be successful, so don't ever doubt yourself or your talent. They always say, "It a fine line between genius and insanity," so stay focused and stay on the line, regardless of what anyone else thinks or says. The best part is neither You or anyone else has any idea of what you'll come up with…

To se mi líbí
Neznámý člen
29. 6. 2022
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"Socially tortured" feeds your "Passion" and your "Passion" will motivate You to do Great Things.

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