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For some time, I have wondered if I am a highly capable writer, or if I am a silly fool aspiring for the impossible. Through high school I was deemed a superior writer. Without request I was recommended to advanced placement solely in the field of English Literature by my teacher, who at the time prided himself on the fact that he looked like the now deceased Joseph Stalin. I suppose he did, I mean, how could I not feel he looked like that once fierce man? My teacher had a picture on his wall next to his desk of Joseph Stalin, big bushy mustache, and all. My teacher would stand to the side and say “See Gregory? I look just like him!” and I have to say, he could have been the man’s grandson for sure.

My previous books are infamous. There is no question or doubt that is exactly what they are. Infamy means to be well known in a bad way. But what is the bad way I am known? Well, I am undeniably one of the most hated men on the English-speaking side of the internet. One could argue that I am in fact the most hated man on the internet. Why? Well, it comes down to math, or more specifically, percentages.

There are men out there who are utterly despised, famous actors, popular YouTubers, or other celebrity social influencers; I am none of those things right now. I am not a famous actor, I am not popular, so I could not be a popular YouTuber and I am not a celebrity social influencer as my social influence is pretty much nonexistent despite me having millions of subscribers and followers across all platforms. So, what makes me the most hated if I am seemingly a monumental has been or even better, a never-was? If there are famous actors who are hated, popular YouTubers that are hated, or other celebrity social influencers that are hated, how could I compete with the level of attention and hate they get?

Let us use “Timmy Jones” as an example. Timmy Jones is a made-up person, not real, just simply exists for me to use as a fabrication instead of a real person so I can never get sued or anything for this possibly alleged alias and other aliases I plan to use throughout this book.

Timmy Jones is a very popular YouTuber, mostly known for his works in the Mega Fighters United organization, which is not a real thing as of June 28th, 2022, I hope, because of course I would not want a company to sue me for using their name either *laughs*.

Alright, so Timmy Jones was accused of murdering his own dog. Insane right? Accused means he must be guilty right? Well, no, not at all, want to know why? Because you, everyone reading this, is a… car thief.

That is right, by reading this, you are now all accused car thieves. See how easy that was? Accusations are often nonsense when they lack proof. Unless you disagree… but why would I care if you disagree? You are a filthy car thief after all. *laughs*

Back to Timmy Jones and the prior implication of pending fractions: He is an accused dog murderer. Timmy Jones has 5 million subscribers on YouTube and has won multiple MFU championships (Mega Fighters United, stay with me). He has an overwhelming fan base, and yet, he is an accused dog murderer. The accusations against him are just a little more legitimate than the ones now against all of you, being car thieves. As a result, about 3 out of every 10 people who are asked if they hate Timmy Jones, do in fact say “Yes” That is slightly more people than the average celebrity.

Now if you ask 10 people who know of “Onision” if they hate “Onision” guess what happens? That’s right. You will get the same numbers as people who are educated on Jeffrey Dahmer, Adolf Hitler & Lassie. Yes, everyone hates the dog Lassie, just ask them *laughs*.

You might ask “Well, you could say the same about an unpopular person at a normal boring job so how are you even worth my attention?” Well first off, I’m probably not worth your attention, few people are, but secondly, I have seen many articles and pages on numerous websites listing me as more hated than some of the most famous celebrities online. Crazy right? I mean, who am I? Apparently, I am allegedly the most nobody somebody ever. I am accused of being a master genius who is so stupid he cannot do anything right. I am supposedly a calculated expert in the field of law who is also the most incompetent and uneducated crook to breathe air. I am the light, I am the dark, I am water and fire… I know, I have trouble keeping up with what people think of me as well. It rarely adds up which is why I wonder how most people are not stumped thinking: Who is this guy, really?

The point in saying all of this is simple: Rarely do human beings find themselves being open to liking songs, books, videos, or other creations that are produced by a person they hate. For instance, if the 45th president of the United States (you know, the orange haired one) released another book, would you review it well? You probably wouldn’t read it, because you might just be a normal rational person, but for those who feel their opinion needs to be known, especially if it is a hateful one, they would not only read the highlights on it, or watch a like-minded person rip it apart in a YouTube video, but they would also (despite never giving the literature a decent objective chance by reading it in full themselves with an open mind), leave an awful review, dehumanizing the 45th president while proclaiming themselves superior. How delightfully toxic right? Well, some people like to live that way, and that is their problem.

By the way, I am not supporting or not supporting the 45th president. Personally, I do not even care to talk about him in depth just yet, if ever. I was using him as a perfect example, as we all have strong feelings one way or the other.

Long story short, my prior books did not have a snowman’s chance in the devil’s bed… although that might make for a great adult film. Steamy.

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